Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 3.

My Mum
(I am going to include my Nan as well)

To my mum and ofc my Nan,
Dragging me up hasnt been the easiest but you were both there. I love you both so much and I wouldn't change a thing apart from one thing, but that I cannot change, no matter what.
We had so many fun times and you've completely shaped me to be me, to be whoever I want and I completely appreciate that. 
Mini letter within: Dear Nan, you were amazing in bringing me up and showed me old musicals from a young age and I completely appreciate being shown them as it brought us closer and gave us a common ground on which we could communicate. You always looked out for me and I will always appreciate it. The letters filled with inspiration are important and still mean a lot to me. I love you so much.xx
Mini letter within 2: Dear Mum, you have brought me up so well even though we have been not so smooth as of late, you are still my mum and always will be. I'm sure one day we will be back on track. I love you so much xx

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