Monday, July 12, 2010

Flying the Nest Part 2.

Junk Shop Chic.

So on to home furnishings. Obviously I am going to be a lowly student in which I rent a room in a house somewhere in which I don't have the permission, and maybe the inclination, to decorate. Bar little things like knick knacks.

I am, and have been told, that I am an old lady in a young persons body. I like old knick knacks and like to have all my memories and posessions out on show like little trophies. I can't be doing with this minimalist lark as I feel it to be rather emotionless and well just not fun. When I go places I like to be able to sit down and look around while soaking up all the emotions that are there.

So even though I am ever so slightly premature I have been looking around at little pieces which I can pair with my own and eventually take with me. I have found this beautiful site called Graham and Green and the items are beautiful. (Click Here for the site.) Here aresome of my favourite pieces.

As I was browing the net the other night I came across some new photos from the July Anthropologie catalogue. To be honest I'm not so bothered about the clothes but the sets are beautiful. Have a gander.(Click here for the link to anthropologie)

 I'm finally blogged out. Well for now :). I'm sure there will be more Flying the Nest posts soon.

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