Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 5.

My Dreams.

I only tend to remember the bad dreams or the dreams which are so unbelievably real that I am utterly confused when I wake up.
If I was to write to my bad dreams I would tell them off and complain that my bad dreams don't always reflect life, something that has become more apparent recently, and that I can choose my own path.

As well as dreams that take a stroll through my subconscious I would also write to my dreams, my aspirations. I have always wanted to work with people and finally this is coming true in September when I will be training to become a Social Worker. Following this however I would like to train to become a Medical Doctor. This is my biggest dream and something I feel I will work my hardest for to make true. Being a Doctor has been a dream since a little girl, after nun and air hostess, and I feel my biggest challenge that I will ever face (bar maybe looking at someones bum when they come in for an appointment) but overall this is the dream I will accomplish because it means more to me than anything else.

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