Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 8.

My Favourite Internet Friend.

Well this is difficult as I don't have any internet friends per se. I have people who I talk to over the internet on a regular basis who I know but only use the net as communication device. So I'm going to address this to ALL sites on the net.

You make me happy, you make me sad. Sometimes I love the information you pass on to me and sometimes it makes me want to smash the screen. The internet provides me with such information on a daily basis that I caannot comprehend being without it. Whether its to check a tad bit of information on the net quickly to confirm a rumour or to just simply find out a piece of information, like a bus timetable. As much as I feel I was born in the wrong period I honestly feel that I do need to have the internet in my life as I like having the 'world at my fingertips'. So overall I would just like to thank the makers of the internet and allowing me to be as nosey in every subject possible. It makes my day :) sometimes.
But with everything, it has a darker side. It has a bad press in a way that makes a lot of people wary, quite right too. With the ever increasing risk of sexual predators lurking behind every innocentl-looking photo it's not suprising a lot of people dislike the internet; especially as the age of children using the net now is getting younger. But it is trying to be addressed. An example of this would be a short story board was put together for CBBC telling children about the dangers of the internet.

Like I said before everything has its dark side but in general the internet for me shines brightly.

P.S- Does anyone remember this computers from school?! With the little games that you were able to play with the whole 'Enter the Cave Y/N' ahhhhh, memories :')

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