Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 6.

A Stranger
(Well a little munchkin I once met on a bus.)

Dear little munchkin stranger,

I was late, as always, and sat in the second-to-last seat that was available. Next I see you stumbling down the middle of the bus and promptly pull yourself up onto the seat next to me and quickly fall into me as soon as the bus pulls away. After the millionth 'sowwie' you sit back and look up to you Mum who has placed a big bag in front of you while holding onto the pole. 
          You ask her for Wotsits and instead she pulls out an apple and hands it to you. You look at it like its alien and then ask her to 'start it for you' a practice in which I'm not at all familiar with and then I watched as she took a bite then handed it back to you. Oh! Thats what you meant.                          
         While you sit there happily munching on your apple you just look up to me and ask 'do you wanna be my girlfriend?' I laughed and replied that 'I try to avoid dating people who I don't even know their names'.  From this you introduced yourself and I mentioned I didn't even know your age. From this you held up 3 podgy fingers with a beaming face, so proud that you were able to show me.

          Again you promptly asked if I would be your girlfriend as 'evertone has a girlfriend at nursery!'
Of course, I politely declined and you looked slightly downcasted before looking back up at your mum brandishing the finished apple and squeeling 'All done!' and handed over the demolished apple core. From this you quickly forget the rejection that you've recieve by the random person you happened to fall into.

One day I feel you're going to be a heartbreaker- but maybe you should think about introducing yourself before asking any girl if they want to be your girlfriend. (Even if everyone else at nursery had one!)

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