Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Web of No Secrets.

Social Networking.

I've always followed the fads, I know I have an addictive personality and I become quickly involved in the new and up-to-date site which everyone just must be a part of!
For example I worry if my fish are starving on facebook, even when I'm not even online!
But lately I'm finding it a complete bore or worse a place where I find out things I just don't need to know!

Back in the day when Myspace was the place to be, many people had over 25,000 friends. Maybe impressive at first, you think: Twenty five thousand friends? Wow.
No ones real, kind of a problem like!

The internet while it appears to be 'connecting' us its actually doing the complete opposite. We may be friends online but strangers in the street.
We live in our small houses, year after year, never even knowing the names our nighbours and hell forbid we actually make eye contact or talk to one another!

Sharing your deepest desires and secrets to another IP address does not make them your friend, even if they follow you on Twitter and always 'there for you', they are not your friend.
HELLLO! Future Stalker.

Its this age of great digital connectedness, we increasingly find ourselves clinging to illusions of intimacy, adrift in a sea of anonymity, surrounded by the great faceless, nameless masses from which no commonality can be extracted.

There doesn't seem to be privacy anymore, I can see when people are talking to each other and its pretty easy to pick up on things you shouldn't be aware of.
I find that without even trying, I ALWAYS come across something that will upset me on a daily basis. Sad I let something so trivial mess with me, but again its the way of the social network that we're all a part of.
I'm finding out what people are getting for Christmas, where people have been, who people have been seeing and many more things which I just don't need to know! If I wanted to know I would ask!
One site that annoys me greatly would be twitter, as its one of those sites you become strangely addicted to whether it to be stalking a celebrity or the fact you NEED to constantly update your anyone ever reads them.

I'm seriously considering deleting them all, why do we need them? I have a mobile and the people I really need to contact are there and at the end of the day a nice chat is the best thing :)



  1. Something i've thought of many times. I don't delete them because i might need it in the future and it's shit starting again, when i can just leave it be for the future just incase. Twitter is actually interesting for me though and i learn some cool stuff that i wouldn't usually see. Internet Digest just for me.

  2. This has also crossed my mind a few times, but I figure it's here to stay. Wonder if people 100s of years ago thought similar stuff about the telephone when that was invented.


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