Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh my Cod!

You Really Shouldn't Look That Happy Holding A Dead Fish To Your Bits Love.

I kinda get the reason behind these photos, well i try tooooo!
Well I don't, because killing a fish to use in a photo shoot to tell us we shouldn't be killing as many fish as we are is kinda backwards.

Yes our sustainable amount of fish is decreasing rapidly and so forthhhh
but why, oh whyyyy did Greta Scacchi and Co. have to get their bits out!
Greta's well UN-shaven bits at that!
Put it away love, chaz.
As well as Greta , Emilia Fox, Terry Gilliam, Lenny Henry and O.T. Fagbenle are also participating in the campaign but I'm finding it so difficult to come across any photos!

Apparently the fish here are from a sustainable source but even so would you want to eat it after its been wiped over peoples bits and whatnot. Ergh. Neee thanks.

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