Sunday, November 15, 2009

Demure through the Dark Dancing Nights

Officially excited!

Next April I turn 21, a rather big milestone as people have been constantly saying!
Soooooooo I thought I should celebrate in style! Not with a flat cap, smoking pipe and cane as people have been suggesting!
Which of course means I have to travel (well, I don't but everyone loves an adventure :D) thereforeeee I am off to see AFI!


I am going to see them in Glasgow on the 8th and on the 11th in my hometownnnn!
You can tell I'm excited due to the fact I'm elongating ALLLLL my words!

Plussss, you gotta love
a road trip,
factually lovin' it.

Now! I have to come up with an outfittt, ahhh :)

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