Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Office Savvy.

(Vest top, H&M. 3/4 sleeve blouse, Topshop. Black tie-back shirt, Vivienne Westwood. Cardigan, Tillys. Ruffle shirt, Oasis. Black pleated skirt, Dorothy Perkins. Velvet mix skirt with buckle, Karen Millen. Velvet and Chiffon skirt, joythestore.com. Black pencil skirt, Topshop. Sand pencil skirt, yesstyle.com. Black dolly bar shoes, Coggles. Sand patent shoes, mytheresa.com. Alexander McQueen shoe-boots. Beige wedges, New Look. Oxford Brogues, Office.)

At the minute my mind is constnantly focusing on office/work wear, as you have already been seeing through previous posts. So here is a little mood board containing some of my favourite pieces from the great British high street! (Well some are designer but oh wells!)

I promise I will get back to blogging on a proper level very,very soon. I am finally starting to get my routine into order and should be blogging more! I have had a few requests through email about some post ideas so I will crack on with them as soon as! If anyone else has any idea or request that you would like to see just let me know! xx


  1. I love the black and cream stripe skirt. I have been in love with that type of look since Danni Minogue wore it. Intend to make my own some day! x

  2. Thank you Elyse!

    And yes, it is proper lovely! It's only £16 as well, a pure bargain! I meant to say, I wore navy and black the other day! All down to you xx


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