Thursday, February 10, 2011

A day for lovers.

 Valentines Day is on monday and of course it's all about the love.
I quite like this holiday (can I call it that?) because it is seen as a universal day of showing you care.

(Shoes, Vivienne Westwood. Nail Varnish, Teen Vogue. Dress and Belt, ModCloth. Earrings, Dorothy Perkins.)

Eeeee, I'm excited for presents :) However I do, and always will, love cards as much as presents if not more. xx


  1. Cute dress! I love the whole thing :)

  2. Well then Sophie Megan, exactly how many cards are you expecting ;-) I am in love with the idea of it; but sadly it's turned into a load of commercial claptrap. xx

  3. Thanks Elyse!

    I am only expecting one! :) ahaha
    However, I will be sending two; one to my lovely boyfriend (Who may read this :P) and my mum, (as I have every year!)
    I totally agree, I love the idea but do feel it has been blown out of proportion...a bit like halloween. Le sigh xx


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