Saturday, February 05, 2011

Springtime Muses.

As my blog has had, what I would call it, a Spring time makeover I thought I would create a set to reinforce this!
(Picnic basket, John Lewis. Shorts, Topshop. Plimsoles, Dorothy Perkins. Flower top, Tillys. Sunglasses, Chanel. Suncream, Nivea at Boots. iPod and iPhone, apple)
I really cannot wait until it is a bit warmer, I have only just managed to get around and buy myself a coat, which is a bit pointless, however this country is generally freezing so winner!
I want to be able to go out without a jacket! I want to have picnics and be with friends outside and not inside with a hot drink. I want to wear my beautiful sunglasses (even though I am wearing them while driving, it is not the same!) Ahhhh, warm and long days are the best!
I've just googled the first day of Spring and its the 20th of March, this has come as a massive blow to me. Buttttt, I am starting to buy suncream to go back into my routine or applying it from March onwards so that will make me feel slightly closer to the goal than not...hopefully!
What does everyone else love about spring? xx

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