Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Music Mends Broken Hearts."

"Must you know the truth? This is all for you"
This year has been one for absolute beauts of albums!
My two all time favourites being:

Say Anything - Self Titled

 Max Bemis is one of the cleverest, talentented and most technically accomplished songwriters of this generation; but ofc. All he needs now is to get over his own solipsistic and complusive awareness of self doubt.
Alas, I love it.

AFI - Crash Love

AFI have always been able to change up their style from one album to another. This album takes all of the components of old AFI and mixes them all up to compose a very tight and focused album. As soon as this album starts,I straight away had a feeling that AFI has finally found their perfect sound.
'Torch Song' is factually epic.
Everything from guitar riffs of the intro to the chanting chorus of
"Anything!  I'd tear out my eyes for you my dear."
memorable guitar continues on 'Beautiful Thieves' and 'End Transmission'. It is a lot more focused on the guitar work and the lyrical theme of the album which is that of the downfall of a relationship.

30 Seconds to Mars - This is War and Canterbury - Thankyou
have also caught my attention but not as much as the ones above.
I feel everyone should at least give them a listen.

Ofc, there has been others
but these have stuck in the ol' memory bank.

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