Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Soooo I have naturally curly hair (duh) and as much as I love the idea of long luscious locks I know that it just will NOT suit my hair type, no matter how hard I try in cultivating it.
I find it very hard to find 1) a hairdresser who cuts curly hair well and, 2) when looking through hair magazines all of the models with 'naturally' curly hair are well, just curlers and fake.
At the minute, my hair is slightly longer than shoulder length and I may be brave and go super short.

Overall, I just want nice hairrrrrrr.
So I feel I need to invest in beautiful hair jewelry such as:
(From Centre Top, Clockwise)
Mikey Flower headband £16.00
Red Flower Hair Slides, Dorothy Perkins, £6.00
Satin Corsage, New Look, £4.00
Lace Headband, Dorothy Perkings, £6.00
Cameo Kirby Grips. Topshop, £8.00
Rose Headband, Topshop, £8.00
Cameo Style Headband, ASOS, £6.00
Darling Hair Grip, ASOS, £4.00
Ribbon Broach Headband, New Look, £10.00
Swarovski Crystal Petal Hair Piece – £100.00

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