Monday, May 03, 2010


So my friend and I have officially ordered our Download Festival Ticketsssss!
We weren't able to go last year due to lack of funding but this year we are ready to get our rock on and ultimately our boogie when Billy Idol come on (maybe even a wedding dress)!

Tooooo excited!

I feel I have slight OCD, and through this I tend to plan things in advance to ensure everything is PERFECT!
It's not OCD as such, just I don't like odd numbers, bar 0 and 5, and if I start writing in a notebook with a certain pen, I won't be able to change to a different pen. Yes, I sound completely normal now....

Anywhooo, back to the planning session. So I have pretty much got my Festival wardrobe sorted. The lucky thing about Download is that it isn't like Leeds, with alot of prim and proper girls who have blatantly booked into a hotel. I never look good in the morning and after a 3 hour sleep I look worse. So apart from the bare essentials ie. makeup etc, I am pretty much sorted!

Blue Mac New Look
Dark Skinny Jeans Topshop
Black Bow Front Skirt H&M
Cropped Denim Jacket Matalan
Grey Hoody H&M
Black & Red Checky Shirt Matalan Men's
Burgundy Converse TK Maxx
Beige Snood Topshop

I also plan on taking my new black with small flowers cropped denim jacket from George Kids and some other essentials like a hugggggge La Redoute coat and about a million other hoodies!

Ohhhh and socks. 
MILLIONS of sockkkkks!

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