Friday, January 08, 2010

Alas the Ribbons

When I was tidying I did come across something that has made me think.
Oh, the mysteries of the universe.
For example, why do all major clothes manufacturers - H&M, Zara and
Topshop to name a few - insist on adding ribbons to their t-shirts for
us to hang them by?

We have shoulders for that.
I could open my own shop ,like the image, with all the ribbons I have!
I just get so annoyed with the ribbons peeking out and I have to constantly tuck them in....until I reach for the faithful scissors!
Then, of course, I can't bear to throw away the ribbons, as (read in a magazine) they're like soooo cuuuuuuute.
And then you end up with a bunch of cuuuuuuute ribbons (if you don't
feel the need to use the letter U seven times, there's not enough
cuteness) just waiting for you to transform them into some amazing DIY
project you haven't exactly conceived yet.

Yeah, been there, done that. Failed.

So, tonight is the night I will address this injustice.
I officially declare this the
night. Let the sewing begin!

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